Weed Woman Canada: Stoner S’mores Squares Recipe

As Weed Woman Canada, I do a lot of different stuff. A Mary-Jane of all trades but grower of none, I’ve reinvented myself and my place in the Cannabis community a few times over the years. Event Planner, Project Coordinator, Cafe Manager, Baker, Budtender, and the list goes on. Over the last few years I’ve been honored to be a guest and a co-host for various Pot TV Podcasts, with my last gig moving back to Vancouver to continue the 420 Lifestyle Show directly from the Pot TV studios I found myself with some free time and an idea.

I’ve been a cannabis baker for years. Trained by watching both my grandmothers and my mother over the years as they made molasses cookies, cinnamon rolls and blueberry grunt, I was fortunate to receive my canna-baking training while working in the kitchen of the Toronto Compassion Center. I grew up watching cooking shows and though I love baking for others I realized that I could share my knowledge to empower other to manage their own health. The idea, I was going to produce a cannabis baking show to teach others, and share the love.

It seemed pretty simple at the beginning. I spoke with Jeremiah at Pot TV and he was, as always, supportive and encouraging. I had a father and son team who were willing to film and edit my videos, and I had great guests willing to help out. The first few episodes had the typical growing pains, lighting issues, sound issues, a few set dressing details but the response was overwhelmingly positive. Being from a small town I was amazed to find out we had over 28,000 views our first episode, and we were being translated in other languages. How strange it was to be only a few episodes in and be recognized by a stranger on a flight to Vancouver.

Things started to unravel a bit, trying to coordinate schedules of camera operators, guests and my own busy schedule. Our episodes were getting worse instead of better and I wasn’t producing the content I wanted. I found a new videographer at Laughing Cats Creative and we taped a few more episodes which I’ve held onto these last few months while I looked for an editor.

The biggest challenge to hosting a cannabis baking show is not only its production but the cost as well. Martha Stewart only has to worry about the food cost of her ingredients when creating a recipe, I had to worry about the cost of cannabis as well. I was still short an editor and now I needed a sponsor as well.

In the meantime I wanted to thank our patient viewers who have been waiting for new recipes I thought I would share one of my absolute favorites here before we record it in a new January episode and it comes with a story.

The Stoner S’mores Story

Once upon a time… There were two stoner chicks who were next door neighbors. It was a Friday night at the end of another long week at their prospective low-paying crappy jobs and after smoking a yummy hash joint these righteous budbabes got a serious case of the munchies!

The grocery store was soooo far away so the industrious heroines of hash raided their cupboards and came up with the ingredients to make the buttery marshmallowy, chocolatey graham cracker snack of awesomeness known as the Stoner S’mores Square!

Years passed and the stoner chicks moved away from each other. One met an awesome stoner dude and moved into the country to grow a couple of beautiful little hemp seeds and a few “tomatoes”, while the ginger haired ganja girl stayed in the city and started working with patients.

One day a most awesome cannachef invited the red headed rebel into his kitchen for a little lesson on infusion and extraction and she knew she had just the right recipe.

In a perfect circle the recipe inspired by the munchies now gives an appetite and a good night’s sleep to those that need it most!

Those “Kindred Spirits” that have had a chance to sample a Stoner S’mores Square, we hope also have fond memories of this decadent little treat.

Lots and lots of S’mores Squares have come out of the “Baked” Kitchen over the years and we hope you feel the love we do in each and every bite. <3

The Stoner S’mores Square Recipe:
1 dose per square – Makes 48 squares

What you will need:
1 bag of mini marshmallows
10 cups of graham cracker cereal(Golden Grahams)
1 bag of chocolate chips
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup of cannabutter (divided)
A large pot
A silicon spatula
A double boiler/ small metal bowl and small pot of boiling water
Large pan or container for squares (9×12 min.)

In a large pot over medium heat, melt ½ cup of butter
Add marshmallows, stirring frequently until melted through
Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract
Mix cereal and melted marshmallow and press into large pan/container (9 x 12 min)
Melt Chocolate chips with ½ cup cannabutter in a double boiler, or in a metal/glass bowl over boiling water (this keeps the chocolate from burning) Mix thoroughly.
Pour chocolate mixture on top of squares spreading evenly.
Refrigerate until set
Cut into 48 individual squares