Weed Woman Australia

Weed Woman is the real-life superhero we can count on!

Imagine this: you are born with your lower limbs and feet facing the opposite direction, and are told as a child that you will always be in a wheelchair and will never walk, never run when you are playing. You will never know a ‘normal’ life, ever. Most of us can’t imagine this. But this particular reality happens in rare genetic circumstances, and Mae Moon was one of the children to face this rare occurrence.

Throughout her youthful years, she managed to get proper pediatric medical care, and eventually had corrective surgery performed on her legs. This ultimately forced her to relearn her physical being all over again, from her feet up … while her mind was also developing and maturing. In the course of her healing, she discovered something special and unique within herself: she realized she had the determination to become a ‘normal’ human, and eventually taught herself to walk on two feet.

As she stands proud now, her days are continuously bullied by trembling pain in her legs and hips; however, with the benefits of daily cannabis use she conquers the thickest clouds and lives a sunny, productive life as a self-empowered woman, and a true Canadian cannabis freedom activist.

This is my highlight of Mae Moon, her journey, perseverance, and triumph — and of how cannabis ultimately saved her from herself.

In 2010, activism became the momentum which steered her into the cannabis community, and prepped her for a journey to become a true freedom fighter. Discovering that cannabis was the forefront of her healing as a young adult she became inspired to spread the word that cannabis has healing powers — her continued physical improvement was testimony that it could save lives, due to the fact that it undeniably saved hers. Mae Moon was destined for positive life-altering endeavors in her future. While protests were the germination of a new life for her, volunteering at political MP offices, such as NDP’s Jinny Sims in 2012, also played a role. Mae Moon’s political volunteering allowed her to become awakened in the many aspects of cannabis prohibition. It drove her to attend more protests and assist with other political organizations, such as Dana Larsen’s Sensible BC campaign.

This is also how Mae Moon gained more public recognition in the cannabis legalization movement amongst her peers, and really gained momentum as an activist in Canada. It was then time for her to spread her wings and fly. She was eager for much bigger opportunities, and was ready to become globally known for her efforts. In 2012, she travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was invited to attend the skepticism convention, and met doctors, scientists, and politicians. It was her inspiration to bring cannabis dialogue into the skepticism world, where she could speak freely about cannabis and its healing capabilities. This invitation opened new doors, and her adventures were well underway.

More recently, Mae Moon travelled to speak as a cannabis activist across the globe, specifically in Nimbin, Australia, where Australian activists celebrate cannabis each year at MardiGrass. During the 2015 MardiGrass Mae Moon spoke on stage at the Hemposium. There she had to wing her speech because planned-for technology lacked proper electrical catering, yet again demonstrating that Mae Moon could handle anything thrown her way. It would be valid to suggest that a type of energy resides in Australia to draw her there so often, as she has been there several times prior to actually speaking out as a cannabis activist. During those visits, she befriended several other activists who’ve helped her network the proper channels. They have also helped her to be able to do the many amazing things that she has done and continues to do in Australia. In addition, these connections provided her an opportunity to talk about her cannabis experiences, to portray to others an image of what it’s like living with prohibition, and living as a Canadian with a disability on a failed medical marijuana system.

While Health Canada was forced to adopt a court ordered medical marijuana program in 2001, Canada is currently looking to legalize marijuana under the newly elected, federal Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In other countries, too, governments are changing their insights on cannabis prohibition and making cannabis criminalization a thing of the past: Uruguay has already fully legalized cannabis, and Iran is officially entertaining the idea.

The laws on cannabis and hemp are a little different in Australia, and its laws encompassing cannabis are massively messed up throughout the regions of this profound Commonwealth country. Cultivation of this plant is illegal there for ‘underground’ growers, but it seems as though self-proclaimed ‘medical’ growers are being let off as suppliers. Because of this conflict, a new type of label has been added, an acronym — NSW (New South Wales) TICS (Terminal Illness Scheme). Someone with a terminal illness can possess up to fourteen grams of medical marijuana, but must get their sacred herb from the black market gardens of rogue cultivators — which creates an overall illegal experience for the consumer and the grower.

In her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Mae Moon runs a couple of her own big businesses, which she has nurtured from inception: this very magazine, Twelve High Chicks, and the online medical marijuana dispensary Three Happy Cats. Currently, she is facing the City of Vancouver’s new regulatory rules —including a $30,000.00 annual licensing fee to those few that get approved by meeting proposed standards — leaving her compassionate dispensary in the dust. The City has red-flagged so many dispensaries already for not following their new guidelines, yet federally, marijuana dispensaries are completely illegal. Until the Liberals officially legalize marijuana, having a dispensary could be considered trafficking punishable by prison at the federal level. Under the previous administration, Health Canada sent letters to the City of Vancouver, telling them to comply with federal law by discontinuing any and all pot shops. The city declined, and said they were moving forward with regulations and guidelines to properly oversee the uncontrolled booming market of medical cannabis in their city. But where does this leave Three Happy Cats? Right where it was, compassionate, virtual, and online.

And where there is compassion, there are real life superheroes to be celebrated in comic form! Mae Moons experiences have been the stitches of her being, the momentum for her activism, and the guidance for her to do things right. Mae Moon is Weed Woman Australia, a real life superhero ultimately fighting the darkness of cannabis prohibition, and shedding light on the global cannabis industry through her upcoming comic book, Weed Woman. We can anticipate beautifully illustrated stories unfolding her adventures, truths, and activism. As her journey continues on and paves new roads, she will continue to amaze and inspire us all to be better people than we might have been yesterday.

Mae Moon, a real life superhero we can count on!

By Jade Ridge